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SAPOT MALAYSIA: Elevate Your Life with Joy and Edifier!

There are few things that Malaysians love other than food – public holidays & discounts! In conjunction with our country’s 65th year of independence, myIOU is offering exclusive deals during their Sapot Malaysia campaign. While we ignite our patriotism during this period, take this as a sign to spruce up your home with Joy Design Studio. 


Fueled by passion, Joy Design Studio strives to provide the best quality furniture designs at an affordable price. Founded in 2014, the team at Joy Design Studio is actively sourcing the best products and design to satisfy customers everywhere! They take time to do research on what’s trending in the market ranging from minimal Scandinavian style, modern, retro, luxurious and more. Enjoy 5% off selected items when you checkout with myIOU. Instead of having the same furniture as your neighbour, here are a few of our favourite picks to give your space a refreshing look. 

Freida 3-Seater in Ash Grey

This 3-seater sofa is the perfect mix of comfort and luxury that one needs in their home. The Freida 3-seater features a clean velvet upholstery, a symmetrical form and overall aesthetically pleasing that will stand out in any room. This sofa also comes in blush pink, emerald green and light grey. 

Forain Nesting Coffee Table

This gorgeous marble 2 piece is a great conversation topic when guests step foot into your home. You can either separate them to turn into one coffee table and the other as a side table, or place it together to give it a bit of dimension to your living room. This elegant piece is currently offering a discount, retailing at only RM1,599. 


What better way to wind down after a long day than to put on some soothing songs in the background while you clean up after dinner. Specialising in audio which showcases technological innovation and design, Edifier usually comes to mind when thinking about upgrading the sound system in your home. For decades, Edifier has come up with a range of home sound, professional audio, automobile audio, headphones, and microphones for both personal entertainment and professional use. 


Edifier is exclusively offering myIOU users 10% off selected items using their voucher code between 15 August until 30 September. Customers can enjoy this discount by checking out their products on Inter-Asia. One of the products that’s worth mentioning would be their Edifier Neobuds Pro. 

Aside from the tri-balanced frequency to ensure a premium sound quality, this earbuds is equipped with an innovative tri-microphone noise-cancelling and wind detection technology. Whether you’re running in the park, making it through the hustle bustle of the city, or just sweating it out at the gym, the Neobuds Pro is ready to calm you down from the world and get you into the zone. 


Do visit our promo page for more offers from other Sapot Malaysia’s merchants such as SOGO, Alluskin and OGAWA. 

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