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From Doctor to Entrepreneur: Alluskin is One Step Closer to Perfect Skin

Having clear and healthy skin is a dream for many people. It is common to see skin problems among Malaysians due to the hot and humid weather. Our lifestyle plays a major role in our skin health as well, like the food we eat, the stress we experience and the amount of sleep we get every day. Oftentimes, it is pretty usual to have oily skin and breakouts as a result of the said reasons.


However, many Malaysians are also no stranger to dry skin. Redness, skin tightness, skin cracking and peeling are among the common problems that they have to deal with on a day-to-day basis. It can be frustrating when they have tried so many skincare products but to no avail. Moreover, skin problems can make us wary of our own appearance and affect our self-confidence. Dr. Aen just so happened to be one of them.

From doctor to entrepreneur


Born with very dry and sensitive skin, Dr. Nurul A’in binti Sa’ari, also known as Dr. Aen on social media, struggled to find suitable products for her skin. Her woes turned into passion in skincare as she seeks to find the remedy for her persistent condition. Being a certified medical professional, she used her medical knowledge to formulate her own skincare products. To fully dedicate herself to her passion, Dr. Aen decided to quit her career as a medical doctor to pursue skincare entrepreneurship. This led to the birth of Alluskin.

Not an overnight success


When Alluskin was founded in 2019, it was an unknown skincare brand among Malaysians. During that time, the locals were skeptical about cleansers containing glycolic acid and witch hazel. This was the challenge that Alluskin had to overcome.


To solve this obstacle, Dr. Aen took to social media to share skincare knowledge and dispel the common misconception surrounding the ingredients. At the same time, she continues to be a strong advocate of skincare. And after a year of continuous efforts, Alluskin is recognised as one of the trusted skincare brands in Malaysia.

All day care, just perfect for your skin


Alluskin’s product range is surprisingly suitable for all skin types, even though they are all tailored to be gentle on dry and sensitive skin. If you are looking for a skincare brand that provides products that cater to your daily needs, Alluskin is all you need. Alluskin’s Lightbulb Serum, Purifying Cleanser, Hydrating Toner, Barrier Cream and Barrier Sun Shield are made accessible to many due to its affordable pricing.


Alluskin Purifying Cleanser is one of its best-selling products. Perfect for dry and sensitive skin, this cleanser is safe to use for those who are pregnant or lactating mothers. The key functions of this Purifying Cleanser are to brighten, soothe, hydrate and pore care. Packed with 5% glycolic acid, witch hazel and allantoin, Purifying Cleanser will work its magic while relieving your skin from dryness and inflammation.

Perfect skin for all


Alluskin is determined to set a benchmark for all local skincare brands in producing high quality skincare products for dry and sensitive skin. This includes their before, during and after-sales service, as well as quality product formulation and unique packaging designs. 


In their venture to uphold this aspiration, the Malaysian-founded brand seeks to provide safe and effective products for fast-paced individuals, and Malaysians with dry and sensitive skin to boost their self confidence. “Healthy skin should glow without changing one’s skin colour,” these are the words that Dr. Aen wishes to go by when it comes to skin health.

Sapot Malaysia – Quality skincare made accessible 


In conjunction with Malaysia’s Independence Day, Alluskin has collaborated with myIOU to make quality skincare more accessible to Malaysians. Enjoy 10% OFF all Alluskin products from the 31st August to 5th September if you checkout with myIOU app. You can also get an additional RM65 OFF with the voucher code SAPOT65 and stand a chance to win the Alluskin All Day Care Skin Essential Set worth RM213.60! Stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates on the contest. So, what are you waiting for? Mari Sapot Malaysia! 

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